julek ploski (PL) | Kuthi Jin (IT) | Oliver Torr (CZ) | Fausto Mercier | asvanyviz2

julek ploski (PL) | Kuthi Jin (IT) | Oliver Torr (CZ) | Fausto Mercier | asvanyviz2

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Utolsó előadás dátuma: 2023. december 29. péntek, 19:00

julek ploski presents ‘Hotel’ (A/V) [Orange Milk Records, Glamour.Label, Pointless Geometry] – PL
Kuthi Jin (live) [CLAM, TV Showw] – IT
Oliver Torr (live) [XYZ project, WOH, Nona Records] – CZ
Fausto Mercier (A/V) [Genot Centre]
asvanyviz2 (live) [111records, Marmint]

when you're a DJ Hero expert you have to go on and do something more. you live too close to Tesco so you make an album called “Tesco”, you move to Warsaw, you play some gigs, you dj, you play some more gigs, you release your second album "śpie" in Gin&Platonic, your cinematic hardcore "Human Sapiens Ep", your trailer-core ep “Julek! Julek! Julek!” in glamour.label that you own, you work on your third, epic, cinematic LP for Orange Milk Records, you run BFF Music, you work on an EP for Dyspensa Records and there's a lot of other stuff coming on. life is fast so you do kickboxing bum bum and finally fall asleep and finally wake up and finally fall asleep and do kickboxing bumbum!!!!!

Kuthi Jin: impossible rhythms, entropik eggxtream, pineal funkz & 3 Pin Balls. Heart & Brain of the label Clam Pressure. His new album Satyrikon digs deep in the multimind, shapeshifting recombination of time and space bending tekniques, an open portal to the unknown.

Oliver Torr is a Prague based electronic and acoustic composer, producer, audiovisual artist and label owner. Since having graduated from the British & Irish Modern Music Institute in London, where he studied under well-established composer and instrument programmer Phelan Kane, he has been pursuing various activities revolving around sound, art and music. Genre-wise, Torr is trying to blur the lines between eclectic dance music from all corners of the world and the experimental avant-garde musicians that he admires, using various tape machines, field recorders and synthesizers. With his artist collective and label XYZ project, which he co-founded in 2014, he hosts a wide range of listening concerts, meditative sound sessions, parties, an Radio 1 show and gallery projects, along with issuing cassette, vinyl and digital releases of friends of the label.
In 2017, Oliver moved to Berlin to continue his studies with a masters degree in audiovisual arts, but instead he found a passion working at Berlin’s Patch Point synthesizer shop, learning to solder and make instruments by designers such as Serge Tcherepnin or Peter Blasser. Even though he was inspired by the city, he felt like he could bring his ideas back to Prague, where he always felt most at home. When Bastl Instruments’ shop Noise.Kitchen moved to Prague, it felt like the right move to start putting things in motion there. Now solidly based in Prague, he is a regular addition to line ups at various venues, playing either live, DJ sets, or free improvisations, now starting to concentrate on marathon-like time slots (in the free improv’s), with the latest project being around 5 hrs in collaboration with David Herzig and Aid Kid, where the fringes of various moods can be properly examined, along with the audiences attentiveness. His audiovisual installations were also seen in galleries around Prague, but also in London and Berlin, and he has also worked on various projects focusing on music for film and TV.

Roland Nagy is a sound engineer, ex media arts student, and producer who started his F͇a̹u̼s̚t͌o̲ M̤e̝r͗̍͊cͥi͎e̵r̶ project in 2016, so far appeared on Unlog, EXILES, Kaer'Uiks, Pointless Geometry and Genot Centre. His work in the field of electronic music production, while resonating with hardcore digital culture and bouncy rhythmic heaviness, is closely connected to his fascination for natural soundscapes and their fractal nature. In particular, the artist skillfully manages to depict a violent, tense world populated of minuscule yet grand sound variations, intertwined in a web of apparently chaotic textures. Aphex Twin recently played Fausto’s track on Field Day London 2023.

asvanyviz2’s music is symptomatic of the digital/online music cultures that lurk in the black waters of Soundcloud profiles and NYP Bandcamp uploads: tough genreless beats break the surface of emotional maturity and instability, launching from hybrid-club workouts to ambient gabber with dashes of breakcore percussion littering the background. Their second EP „brain fog” was released on Exiles Electronics last year, documenting a strange confusing period in the artist’s life. You can also find asvanyviz2’s music on different compilations released by 111records, formforum, and Exiles Electronics. asvanyviz2 will introduce their very first live set for Trafó’s 25th anniversary.

artwork by Márton Tóth
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" .. reggel izzadva ébredünk és felsikoltunk hogy nincs ott a foga íve a nyakunkon csak egy hajszál a torkunkon és amikor már azt érezzük nincs tovább nem lehet tovább .. "

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2021. június 18-án Gaby Pepito vőlegényével, Brian Laundrie-val útra kelt, hogy valóra váltsák sokak elérhetetlen álmát, és világgá menjenek egy…

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