LEV by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar (ISR): Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart

LEV by Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar (ISR): Chapter 3: The Brutal Journey of the Heart

The L-E-V is an Israeli formation, already a well-known guest among Trafó-visitors: this is their fifth piece we present, and the third one of the Love series. In OCD Love, love was present as a harmful and devastating disease, and in Love Chapter 2, love was gone forever, leaving only a memory.  more

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The Brutal Journey of the Heart brings hope: love is gone, the heart is broken, but life goes on and offsets the losses we have suffered.

Hot, sexy, rhythmic – subtle movements, snappy shapes, grotesque elegance. L-E-V, co-run by Eyal’s artistic and life partner Gai Behar, incorporates the ‘Gaga’ dance language Eyal learned at Batsheva, but also features Eyal’s trademark combination of androgyny, tribalism, and eroticism. Behar, formerly an underground music producer who hosted alternative performances in Tel Aviv parking lots and basements, brings his own unique touch to the company’s artistic vision. Their integration of technology and dance is equally at home on the stage at Trafó or in a techno club. This explosive company is the convergence/ fusion of movement, music, lighting, fashion, art and technology – each element uniquely expressive but emotionally entwined.

Moment. Silence. Dryness. Emptiness. Fear. Wholeness. Concealment. Longing. Black. Moon. Water. Corner. Smell. Demon. Gap. Coldness. Eyes. Intension. Impulse. Fold. Hideout. Color. Lis. Salt. huge. Side. Stitches. Love. Point.
 - Sharon Eyal


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